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Benefits of a Web-Based Co-op/MDF Program

Improve ROI from Co-op and Market Development Funds

Co-op/MDF Program AutomationIn this day and age, your Co-op/MDF program needs to think smarter and act faster if it's going to generate any actual ROI. With time and a cohesive strategy, your Co-op or MDF program can be your most powerful channel program yet.

We created this white paper to help vendors implement some best practices into their Co-op/MDF process in addition to identifying the key benefits of automation.

Grab this guide to learn about:

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your Co-op/MDF strategy
  • Tools that can help you track your MDF and Co-op funds
  • What channel partners look for in a Co-op/MDF program
  • How automation can generate a stronger Co-op/MDF ROI compared to traditional, manual methods

Grab your copy of 4 Reasons to Invest in a Web-Based Co-op/MDF Program today.


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