Content in the Portal: How to Address the Partner Journey

As technology continues to accelerate productivity in the channel industry, the need for clear and concise, meticulously detailed content becomes ever more important. But as studies have shown, manufacturers/vendors suffer from inadequate content production for their channel partners—slowing down not only productivity but also a partner (incentive) participation, communication, and quality.    


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“CMR is unquestionably one of our best partners. When we sit down with CMR and look for ways to solve a challenge, I feel that we connect with them in a spirit of true partnership.”

- Karen Hartsell, Channel Development Manager, Intuit

"PartnerPortal has vastly improved our channel visibility, allowing us to continuously monitor and proactively address any immediate needs that arise among our partners.”

-Chris Schulz, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager, 

Channel Management Solutions

  • Channel Inventory
  • Channel POS
  • Demo/NFR Management
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Warranty
  • Rebate Manager
  • Reseller Profile
  • Salesforce Integration


Channel Sales Solution 

  • Channel POS
  • Channel Inventory
  • Deal Registration
  • Opportunity Management
  • Ship and Debit
  • Special Pricing Authorization

Channel Marketing Solutions

  • Channel Gamification
  • Co-op/MDF
  • Multi-Vendor Co-op/MDF
  • Rebate Management
  • SPIFF Management

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