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 6 Things Partners Hope for in a Channel Account Manager

Having the right channel account managers (CAMs) 6 Things Partners Hope for in a Channel Account Manageris essential in creating a successful and engaged channel partnership.  An effective CAM must have excellent skills and competence to select, support, and motivate partners.

With this in mind, what are some of the principal makings of an effective CAM?

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Channel Management

Enhance product insight, eradicate inventory ambiguity, improve b2b communication, track metric units and identify the end user comprehensive channel data capabilities.

Channel Sales

Galvanize partner objectives by incentivizing your indirect sales funnel with lucrative rewards that enhance productivity, transparency, loyalty, longevity and success with your channel.

Channel Marketing

Optimize channel partner motivation, performance, and loyalty through incentive programs pre-engineered to seamlessly integrate into your business infrastructure.

By the last month of the quarter, our sales pipeline had grown tremendously and we experienced a sales spike of over $10 million - an excellent return on our investment in CMR. More partners were signing on to the system every day and our revenue growth was accelerating nicely.

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