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Advice on How to Transition into a Channel Manager

 It takes a certain type of person to be a channel manager—especially for those new to the responsibility. Not only do you need exceptional communicative skills, but also you need to be methodically organized, strategically minded, intuitive, transparent and tough. 

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Channel Sales

Galvanize partner objectives by incentivizing your indirect sales funnel with lucrative rewards that enhance productivity, transparency, loyalty, longevity and success with your channel.

Channel Management

Enhance product insight, eradicate inventory ambiguity, improve b2b communication, track metric units and identify the end user comprehensive channel data capabilities.

Channel Marketing

Optimize channel partner motivation, performance, and loyalty through incentive programs pre-engineered to seamlessly integrate into your business infrastructure.

The CMR special pricing solution is a critical strategic tool used by our distribution sales organization, and the support that we get from the CMR development team is outstanding. 

Rick Flores, Distribution Sales Manager, LSI Logic

CMR is unquestionably one of our best partners. When we sit down with CMR and look for ways to solve a challenge, I feel that we connect with them in a spirit of true partnership.

Karen Hartsell, Channel Development Manager, Intuit

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